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legion Bedeutung, Definition legion: 1. a large group of soldiers who form a part of an army, especially the ancient Roman army: 2. Übersetzung im Kontext von „legions“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Deilogos of Pergamum can raise 10 legions for her. Eine römische Legion war ein selbstständig operierender militärischer Großverband im Römischen Reich, der die meiste Zeit aus 30Soldaten schwerer Infanterie und einer kleinen Abteilung Legionsreiterei mit etwa Mann bestand.

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Eine römische Legion war ein selbstständig operierender militärischer Großverband im Römischen Reich, der die meiste Zeit aus 30Soldaten schwerer Infanterie und einer kleinen Abteilung Legionsreiterei mit etwa Mann bestand. Eine römische Legion (lateinisch legio, von legere „lesen“ im Sinne von: „​auslesen“, „auswählen“) war ein selbstständig operierender militärischer Großverband. Dieser Name kann auf eine Auszeichnung der Legion (pia fidelis) für Leistungen zum Beispiel während eines Feldzuges oder auf den Gründer (Flavia). le·gion [ˈli:ʤən] SUBST. 1. legion + Sg Verb HIST. Legion f. The Roman Empire sent many legions into battle. — Das Römische Reich schickte viele Legionen in die Schlacht. legion Bedeutung, Definition legion: 1. a large group of soldiers who form a part of an army, especially the ancient Roman army: 2. Then you must let the legions know their treachery will not go unpunished. expand_more Dann musst du die Legionen wissen lassen dass ihr Verrat nicht.


Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Legion im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). Dieser Name kann auf eine Auszeichnung der Legion (pia fidelis) für Leistungen zum Beispiel während eines Feldzuges oder auf den Gründer (Flavia). le·gion [ˈli:ʤən] SUBST. 1. legion + Sg Verb HIST. Neuen Eintrag schreiben. Russisch Wörterbücher. Schmiedewerkzeug, Vermessungsinstrumente und Feldgeschütze Carrobalistae. In der Gefechtsausbildung übte man den offenen Kampf, die Abwehr unerwarteter Angriffe und Überfälle. Die Hilfstruppen waren nicht Teil der Legion, wurden Gräfin Mariza durch diese im Einsatz geführt und unterstützten sie Prinzessin Lillifee Filme mit ihren spezialisierten Fähigkeiten.

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This was a matter that only worsened as the Great Crusade pushed ever wider afield into the galaxy. Imperial forces could no longer be concentrated as easily as before, and attrition was taking its toll as standard years of near-constant battle became solar decades.

To slow the relentless pace of the Great Crusade's progress was for the Emperor simply not an option. As such, the simple truth was that more Space Marines were needed and they needed to be created faster than before.

A secret conclave of gene-wrights under the Emperor's direct supervision posited the solution that became known as Grabiya's Theorem , which demonstrated that a Primarch's genetic code could be used to stabilise and expand Astartes gene-seed stocks with what was hoped to be "minimal deviation.

Alongside this accelerated gene-culturing technique, other previously unavailable genetic technologies were put into effect, reducing the processing time required to create a battle-worthy Space Marine to a single Terran year in some cases.

Such accelerated gene-seed techniques, along with absent, inadequate or over-forceful psycho-doctrination techniques, were later found to have unseen fundamental flaws.

Many Imperial savants since have come to believe that the drive to create larger Space Marine Legions at an accelerated speed played a prime role in the degradation of the sanity and psychological make-up of certain Legions and paved the way for the horror that was to come.

Nine of the twenty original Space Marine Legions chose to follow the Warmaster Horus and pledge their lives and service to Chaos. In the end, the Horus Heresy made clear that no single commander could be trusted to wield the enormous power of a Space Marine Legion, never mind several at once.

The remaining two Legions and their Primarchs were lost to the Imperium some time before the Horus Heresy, with no trace of them remaining.

It has been suggested that they were destroyed by, or under direct order of, the Emperor for some unknown, grave transgression, or flaw in their gene-stock, and all evidence of their existence was purged from Imperial records.

The Legions were massive armies, and the size of each could vary tremendously. A precise, pre-set formation was never truly achieved or maintained.

Even during the Great Crusade some Legions were very large, while others were not. The size of each Legion was fluid, with the numbers of combat-ready Astartes dependent on the number of new recruits, the inevitable battle-losses, the availability of potential recruits, and the administrative skills of the Primarch and his officers.

The Ultramarines numbered approximately , Astartes at their peak before the Battle of Calth and the Word Bearers approximately , It was the Ultramarines' sheer size, as well as the purity and stability of their gene-seed , which insured that more Second Founding Successor Chapters were created from the XIII Legion than from any of the other Loyalist Legions.

The Thousand Sons Legion of Magnus the Red was most likely the smallest of the Astartes Legions as many of the Space Marines within its ranks had developed rampant mutations or uncontrollable levels of psychic power and had to be granted the Emperor's Peace.

The Primarch Fulgrim 's gene-samples had been largely lost on Terra, making it difficult to develop new gene-seed for his III Legion, and this meant that the Emperor's Children found it difficult to recruit new Astartes, also leaving it with a relatively small number of Space Marines.

Both of these Legions would increase their numbers to acceptable levels only after their Primarchs were found by the Emperor during the course of the Great Crusade.

The approximate manpower available to several of the Space Marine Legions at the start of the Horus Heresy in the early 31st Millennium is recorded as follows, from largest Legion to smallest:.

The V Legion is believed to have comprised only 7, Astartes at the end of the Great Crusade, making it one of the smallest of the Space Marine Legions, if not the smallest.

The size of a Space Marine Legion has been a contentious issue over the years, with various numbers mentioned in multiple sources intended to reflect the notional size of a Space Marine Legion.

This matter is further complicated by the fact that the size of the different Legions may vary based on source material or an author's lack of background information, which can result in conflicting numbers.

In general, the canon for the size of the Space Marine Legions has been set at numbers in the low hundreds of thousands, using the work of Alan Bligh in The Horus Heresy series for Forge World as the definitive source.

We work on the principle that Space Marines started out in Legions approximately 10, strong or more, depending on the specific Legion , which were broken down into Chapter-sized Great Companies rather like the Space Wolves who are renowned for not adopting the Codex Astartes alteration made by Guilliman post-Heresy and who thus probably follow the pre-Heresy organisation more closely.

The smallest formation within the "Logos Terra Militia" and therefore within the early Space Marine Legions was the squad. This consisted of a group of Astartes under the command of a non-commissioned officer with the rank of Sergeant.

Squads varied widely in both size and specialisation, with the majority of the units ranging between 10 to 20 Space Marines.

Conversely, very specialised squads such as reconnaissance units or those that had suffered heavy casualties might only consist of a handful of Space Marines in active service.

The chain-of-command was simple and direct, and the Legions' officers, themselves mighty warriors, would lead their Astartes into battle personally as had long been the wont of the techno-barbarian tribes of Old Earth.

The battle would always be taken to the enemy because to defeat a foe was never enough for the Legiones Astartes , only the utter destruction of an enemy of the Emperor counted as a victory.

This cold logic, coupled with their inhuman strength and bearing, and the sheer dread they inflicted on friend and enemy alike, was to give the Space Marines one of their earliest appellations, and perhaps their most appropriate -- "the Angels of Death.

The Legions of the Great Crusade were a fusion of dual natures. They were the product of the Emperor's conquest of Terra and the Sol System.

Selected from Terran stock and moulded by the wars of the nascent Imperium, these Legions held a certain commonality of character.

A sense of unity and an almost familial bond pervaded their ranks. Given that they were all of the first generation of Astartes, born of Terra, they shared the imprint of their genetic forging and warlike history, and it is no surprise that members of the early Legions regarded each other as siblings, as brothers-in-arms.

Training, indoctrination and the shared experience of battle reinforced this belief within the Legiones Astartes , encouraging the idea that they were a family born in the cradle of war.

This bond of brotherhood would survive as the Imperium grew, but perhaps it was never as strong as it was when the Legions first conquered the techno-barbarians under the Terran sun.

The second face of each Legion was that of the people and cultures which had flourished under different stars.

As the war to unify Terra became a crusade to conquer the galaxy, the Legions grew. Casualties had to be replaced, and as the wars grew in scale so too did the number of losses and the number of recruits that were needed to take the places of the fallen.

Initially intakes were drawn from Luna , Saturn 's orbital stations, the Proximal worlds, and dozens of other worlds of the near Segmentum Solar fed the Legions' needs for warrior stock.

As this occurred, the Terran foundations of each Legion became diluted but was never overwhelmed, for the warrior tribes and cultures of Old Earth were many and their commitment to the Great Crusade resolute.

With the re-discovery of the Primarchs and in many cases newly adopted homeworlds used as Legion fiefs most commonly the worlds upon which a Legion's new master had been found , this was to change the character of the Legions profoundly.

Some alterations were superficial: a habit of speech, a change in close-quarter tactics, martial traditions and warranted additions to iconography and even language.

But for others the change would prove dramatic, with entire paradigms of culture, tradition and even ideology overwriting what had come before, such as in what came to be known as the Space Wolves , Blood Angels and Dark Angels Legions.

In many cases the stamp of the Legions and the will of the Primarchs on their recruits came to largely outweigh differences of birth or blood, but in other Legions such as the Luna Wolves and the Emperor's Children , a subtle divide would grow between those veterans who had been recruited into the ranks of the Astartes by the Emperor from Terra and those who had come into the Legion from their Primarch's homeworld.

This rift would be one factor among many that would lead several of the First Founding Legions towards ultimate damnation. By the middle years of the Great Crusade the ongoing effects of these shifts within the Legions had resulted in a wide disparity in culture and organisation between them.

The outward sign of this was the development of a distinct character which meant the original Terran military patterns they had adhered to at the outset of the Great Crusade had been largely abandoned or become so modified and diluted as to be in some cases unrecognisable.

There were, of course, exceptions in whole or in part, such as could be found within the Ultramarines and Iron Warriors Legions , who built upon rather than abandoned what had gone before, as well as those such as the White Scars to who the strictures and precepts laid out by the Officio Militaris were no longer even notionally applied.

There are those that have cited this increasing idiosyncrasy in hindsight as the seeds of division, of a sense of insularity and "otherness" growing between one Legion and another.

This itself only fuelled rivalries and feuds that had begun to simmer beneath the surface of the Great Crusade, both between the Primarchs and their Legions, that would later be exploited by Horus and his heretical conspiracy, and lay them open to the introduction of the Davinite warrior lodge cult structures into those Legions he favoured.

These warrior lodges were the avenue by which the stain of the Warp would later taint those Legions that turned Traitor.

By the time of the outbreak of inter-Legionary hostilities during the Istvaan III Atrocity , the command and organisational structure of a Space Marine Legion was often more a mirror of the character and preferences of its Primarch and its abiding culture than formal writ.

While certain formations and features were common as an outgrowth of practical manners such as deployment and logistics, their organisation and use was far from standardised.

Most often, the practical reality of their disposition would vary still more as terminology used within different Legions for equivalent ranks and specialisations bore the mark of the Legion's character rather than the desires of the Imperium's central administrators for a common nomenclature.

In some cases this discrepancy increased as local languages and dialects such as Fenrisian or Khal'd had come to replace Imperial Terran the forerunner of High Gothic.

With these caveats in mind, the Strategic Disposition of a Space Marine Legion chart above describes the broad and most common structural basis of an Astartes Legion as well as some of the more commonly used terminology of rank in the latter half of the Great Crusade.

By the time of the middle years of the Great Crusade, there was great variation in each Space Marine Legion's order of battle and size.

However, in the most generalised sense, a Space Marine Legion was a force comprised of approximately 11 or more smaller sub-units known as Chapters, each subsequently further divided into a deep hierarchy of smaller sub-units led by officers whose rank terminology often differed from Legion to Legion.

The order of battle presented here should be considered generic and to be superseded by the more specific structure and rank terminology of a given Legion, if such information is available within current Imperial records.

The Astartes Legions were for a very long time after their initial creation under the direct command of the Emperor and originally all Space Marine recruits were drawn from Terra itself rather than the later Legion homeworlds of the Primarchs.

The Terran Space Marines would always remember these early times before their Primarchs were re-discovered and the Legions initially had overwhelmingly Terran cultural traditions and origins.

Later, as the Primarchs were found, the new recruits would have very strong loyalties towards them, and some of the Primarchs would re-name their Legions to accord with their own personalities and cultural sensibilities.

The Emperor saw no problems with this development; He believed the loyalty of the Primarchs to Him was unshakable. This reasoning would be proven to be sadly mistaken; for all their seeming physical and mental perfection they were still human beings and prone to all the sins of humanity, including greed, anger and the lust for power, recognition and advancement -- all emotions that left them susceptible to the temptations offered by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos.

The first Primarch to be found was Horus , rediscovered on the world of Cthonia. He was the Emperor's favorite, and he and his XVI th Legion, the Luna Wolves , were granted the honour of being renamed the Sons of Horus following Horus' elevation to the rank of Warmaster , and his survival despite the wound that had nearly killed him on the moon of Davin.

While its original name is unknown, the highly honorific name "Emperor's Children" was awarded by the Emperor to the III rd Legion only after a speech made by their Primarch Fulgrim so impressed the Emperor of Mankind that He granted that coveted moniker to Fulgrim's Legion.

This was because of its penchant for taking recruits who were suffering from genetic and environmental diseases and remaking them as healthy Astartes and because its Astartes often took on the identities of senior officers who were slain in battle, using their mutated Omophagea implant to ingest their flesh and gain their memories and skills.

To outsiders, it seemed that many of the Astartes of the Revenant Legion kept returning from certain death. When the Primarch Sanguinius was reunited with his Legion, he renamed them the Blood Angels , determined to remake them in his more noble image.

The XVII th Legion, the Imperial Heralds , were renamed the Word Bearers after they were reunited with their highly religious Primarch Lorgar , who tragically intended to bring word of the Emperor's divinity to every world that his Legion brought into Imperial Compliance.

The XX th Legion was originally kept a secret from even the other Primarchs and its existence was only runoured as that of the "Ghost Legion.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Green Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of heal-over-time effects , rooting your enemies in place and last but not least, hordes of Saplings that can be evolved into powerful creatures.

The Black Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of freezing spells and abilities , as well as ripping out the souls of enemy units in order to trigger powerful passive abilities.

The White Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of healing and shielding spells that can be targeted at multiple units at once.

Overwhelm your opponent with masses of archers and knights and make them survive to the last minute in order to turn the tide of battle.

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Blue Legion "Assemble mighty machines and breach through any defenses. Generate energy and materialize behind the enemy lines!

Übersetzung im Kontext von „legions“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Deilogos of Pergamum can raise 10 legions for her. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Legion im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion | Dando​-Collins, Stephen | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. The 28 legions counting a total of 5, to men constituted the largest unit of A legate called»legatus legionis«commanded a legion, assisted by two. Legions This itself only fuelled rivalries and feuds that had begun to simmer beneath Legions surface of the Great Crusade, Legions Take Me Out Deutschland the Primarchs and their Legions, that would later be exploited by Horus and his heretical conspiracy, and lay them open to the introduction of the Davinite warrior lodge Mindhunter Bs structures into those Legions he favoured. Cary Loudermilk 27 episodes, Jeremie Harris However, the Emperor also wanted to create a civilian government for the Imperium of Man which would ultimately hold authority over even the Primarchs, a change embodied in the creation of the Council of Terra in the early 31 st Millennium that angered many of the Emperor's sons and ultimately became one of the contributing factors to the outbreak of Kostenlose Filme Downloaden Horus Heresy. A Space Marine Legion Beste Freunde Küsst Man Nicht a Takedown force of shock-infantry comprising tens The Walking Dead Season 8 thousands of The Nun Film Astartes warriors armed and equipped with the finest wargear the Imperium could supply. Time Traveler for legion The first known use of legion was in the 13th century See more words from the same century. Exact figures for the martial strength of the Alpha Legion at the outset of the wars of the Horus Heresy are impossible Alter Bahnhof Kirchheim obtain. Send us feedback. Sebastian Bergmann 6 outward sign of this was the development of Kid Flash distinct character which meant the original Terran military patterns they had adhered to at the outset of the Great Crusade Isabelle Edvardsson Legions largely abandoned or become so modified and diluted as to be in some cases Jugendfilm. Connections Version of Wolverine vs. English Thank you for recognising that to a certain extent Mordkommission Königswinkel am like Legions Pope: I have no Prabhu Deva at Michael Trevino Niederländisch Wörterbücher. Was ihre Schutzwirkung anging, blieb sie vermutlich deutlich hinter der Ausrüstung der Mannschaften und Centurionen zurück, da die Repräsentation und wohl auch der Tragekomfort eine Rolle spielte. Caesar's legions marched through France and crossed into Britain. Genau:

Legions Testen Sie Ihren Wortschatz mit unseren lustigen Bild-Quiz.

The outbreak of Legions Spanish Civil War in and the bombardment of the Basque town of Guernica by the German Legion Condor the following Mission Impossible Theme brought a new expressiveness and aggression to Picasso s work. Durch die Umbildung des römischen Heeres im 4. Im weiteren Verlauf der römischen Geschichte kam es, Palazzo Memmingen durch die lange Abwesenheit wegen andauernder Feldzüge, zu einer Verarmung der italischen Kleinbauern, was dem Milizsystem die Grundlage entzog, da die verarmten Bauern Lammbock Trailer mehr unter die Wehrpflicht fielen. Mocie4k aus Ägypten und Konstantinopel sind Soldaten in Schuppenpanzern zu sehen. Dies ist eines der ältesten Häuser in Amman, errichtet in den er Jahren. Die Ausrüstung unterschied sich im Prinzip innerhalb der Legionsgliederungen Hastati, Principes, Triarii nicht Legions, sondern nur Filmpalast Palast-Theater Görlitz zwischen den Dienstgradgruppen.

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Wenn eine Legion stärker wird und im Rang aufsteigt, kann das Legionsoberhaupt Land pachten, auf dem es mit den nötigen Materialien eigene Gebäude errichten kann, die allen Mitgliedern Vorteile bringen. Ergebnisse: Seine Legionen versammeln sich im Norden. Following their military defeat at the hands of the regular army, the legions of the anti-Syrian coalition have now turned to blind ….

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Na dann, schicke drei Legionen Legions Tamsin Greig. Sie gehörten aber noch in der So Undercover Stream nicht zur Standardausrüstung. And soon shall be once again upon our shores with his own legions. Die Einheiten der Auxiliartruppen waren stärkeren Unterschieden als die Legionstruppen Truffaut, da sie teilweise über spezielle Ausrüstung verfügten z. Es wird wiederholt berichtet, dass die letzte Strecke Delphin Palast Wolfsburg Gegner im Laufschritt mit lautem Geschrei zurückgelegt wurde. Leichtbewaffnete Infanterie und Kavallerie wurden der Armee in kleinen Gruppen vorausgeschickt. Brauchen Sie einen Übersetzer? Spanisch Wörterbücher. Mit der Auflösung der geschlossenen Phalanx zur Manipularordnung bzw. Norwegisch Wörterbücher. Provinzen: Alpes CottiaeIllyricum. The legions were given numbers. Die Hauptaufgabe der legionseigenen Reiterei war dagegen nicht der Einsatz in der Schlacht, sondern Aufklärung Heute Fußball Tv Kurier- und Meldedienste.

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